Guntran Hoet
C++/C# Game Programmer



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A top-down shooter, created with a team of two programmers and two artists using Unity 5. The player must reach the end of the dungeon while fighting through enemies. Evade traps, find hidden rooms, collect runes to place turrets which are powerful and help you in various ways. Use your magic abilities to give yourself an upperhand during combat.

Role: Player, turret, magic and level programmer, game and level design, music & sound management.

Programmers Artists Sound
Jorian Baeke
Guntran Hoet
Bernd Decuyper
Jan Van Hassel


3D / Serious / Tactical / Top-down / Twin-stick


  • C#
  • Unity 5
  • Source Tree
Calamity Screenshot 1

The Calamity logo

Calamity Screenshot 2

Shooting with the time slowed down

Calamity Screenshot 3

Welcome party

Calamity Screenshot 4

Attacking a goblin encampment

Calamity Screenshot 5

Getting killed in the snow

Calamity Screenshot 6

The final battle