Guntran Hoet
C++/C# Game Programmer

Imperial Invasion


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Game description

A small, but infinite scrolling game. Created during the Search For a Star (2016) competition.
Fly with the Millennium Falcon through waves of Imperial forces and destroy the Death Star. Again. And again.

The enemy waves are fixed, but the order in which each ship spawns per wave is random. Shoot down the Imperials ships before they can slip passed you. If an Imperial fighter manages to reach passed you, the Rebel base will take a hit. Effectively, you will lose a life. These lives cannot be replenished, so be careful!

Your ship has a shield. The shield does recharge, albeit slowly. You can ram incoming fighters if you have the shield power to spare. You will deal one damage point per shield if you decide to ram. If all your shield power is drained, you are vulnerable and the next hit will be the killing blow.

Luckily, your ship also comes with laser weaponry. Press and hold the screen to fire your cannons. Be careful not to overheat them, or you'll have to wait for them to cool down before you can fire.

If you survive all waves, the boss wave will start. It's basically a normal wave, but at the end there are three Star Destroyers and one Death Star.

I wanted the Death Star fight to be as a retro 'boss fight'. The boss keeps hovering at the top of the screen whilst firing many lasers at you. Imperial ships are also departing from the Death Star to hunt you down.

Finally, you've defeated the Death Star and the Rebel base is safe! But what's that? The Imperials already built a new Death Star, only bigger? Now, the game enters a 'new game plus' mode where all enemies are slightly faster and more durable. Each time you destroy a Death Star, the difficulty of the game increases.

When you eventually are overpowered by the Imperial fleet, your score and high score will be shown.

Search For A Star 2016 (SFAS)

During the SFAS competition I managed to finish at the end of the second stage.

Stage 1 - HackerRank C++ Proficiency Assessment
Applicants must complete a series of code questions in 90 minutes under exam conditions.

Stage 2 - Games Development Project
The top students from round 1 will be provided with a game engine framework, deliberately flawed with buggy code. They will have a two week period in which to fix the code errors & improve its efficiency, as well as developing new features to result in a playable game. They will then submit their project to the Windows Phone store where our judges will assess it as a published product.

Stage 3 - Final Interview
Five finalists will be invited to a panel interview with leading industry representatives at the Microsoft UK Campus in Reading. They will be interviewed on their performance in the previous rounds, their aptitude, portfolio and their plans for the future.


2D / Action / Arcade / Game jam / Infinite scroller / Mobile / Shoot-'em up

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  • C#
  • Unity3D
  • SourceTree
  • Visual Studio 2013/2015
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