Guntran Hoet
C++/C# Game Programmer

Tank Wars


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An arcade like top-down shooter. Command your tank to destroy all enemies in the level to advance. Watch your health and ammo! There are pickups through-out the level to help you out. You can also visit a repair depot to get yourself fixed up to full condition. When you get hit, a strong chromatic aberration kicks in but fades away. The lower your health is, the stronger the lingering chromatic aberration gets.

Tank Wars was written in C++ and with DirectX 10. The game code and shaders were written by myself. The engine was partially written by myself.

The Tank Wars game is featured on the Digital Arts & Entertainment website!


3D / Shoot 'em up / Top-down / Twin-stick


  • C++
  • DirectX 10
  • PhysX
  • HLSL
  • Overlord Engine
  • 3ds Max
Tank Wars (cpp) Screenshot 1

Detected by enemies

Tank Wars (cpp) Screenshot 2


Tank Wars (cpp) Screenshot 3

Taking fire