Guntran Hoet
C++/C# Game Programmer

Rebuild Shader


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This shader is a HLSL geometry shader to make meshes expload or rebuild. You can change all kind of parameters like the explosion position, time and destruction percent. The rebuild shader was made for DirectX 10 so it could implemented in the Overlord Engine.

It can be used to draw distant meshes that would pop-in in the scene. Instead of just making them appear out of nowhere, you apply this shader and they assemble themselves.

Another way of implementing this shader is by using its explosion effect when, for example, a building gets hit by an explosive projectile. You can set the impact position and the debris will be pushed by a force from that location.

A last and a little bit dodgy implementation is to set the explosion height very high. Then let the time pass reversed. The mesh will appear to rise from a 2D (top-down) mesh on the ground to the original 3D mesh.

The Rebuild Shader is featured on the Digital Arts & Entertainment website!


  • HLSL
  • FX Composer
Rebuild Shader Screenshot 1

Attracting debris

Rebuild Shader Screenshot 2

Exploding mesh

Rebuild Shader Screenshot 3

Rising build mesh